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Drytec SDE-US-35 Refrigerated Air Dryer with Filtration 35 CFM

Drytec SDE-US-35 Refrigerated Air Dryer with Filtration 35 CFM

Drytec presents top-of-the-line refrigerated air dryers, meticulously engineered to deliver superior performance and pristine air quality. With a focus on eliminating moisture, particulates, and contaminants, these dryers ensure the protection of processes and equipment from potential complications. The SDE Series stands out for its utilization of the energy-efficient R134a refrigerant, guaranteeing a consistent dew point across all flow ranges.


A hallmark feature of the SDE Series is its integrated line filters, which not only safeguard the dryer but also ensure the delivery of high-quality air while maintaining a space-efficient and easily serviceable design. The Drytec X Pre-Filter addresses water removal and filters particles as small as 1 micron, while the Y Post-Filter excels at removing oil down to an impressive 0.01 ppm. This integrated filtration system translates into significant cost and space savings by eliminating the need for separate line filters.


Drytec SDE air dryers conform to various market requirements, including ISO 8573 Standards, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, clean rooms, chemical plants, painting, coating, blasting, packaging, control & instrument air, microchip production, and more.


  • Complete line filtration (pre-filter and post-filter) ensures both dryer protection and the delivery of high-quality air.
  • Equipped with auto drain valves, filters offer both automatic and manual operation for depressurization during servicing.
  • Maintains a consistent dew point across all flow ranges, distinguishing it from other non-cycling dryers.
  • Minimizes pressure drop to enhance compressor efficiency.
  • Features an aluminum heat exchanger with a large surface area, thick cylindrical walls, and optimization for superior water separation performance.
  • Utilizes grooved couplings and fittings to guarantee a secure connection without any leaks.
  • Utilizes environmentally friendly and energy-efficient R134a refrigerant, with pressure gauges installed at both suction and discharge points.
  • Incorporates a digital controller for rapid adjustment, dew point monitoring, alarm monitoring, energy-saving eco-mode, periodic maintenance display, status report, and hour meter functionality.
  • Enables quick start-up and system response, maximizing production uptime.
  • Utilizes cycle logic in the condenser fan to enhance overall energy efficiency.
  • Separates the electrical panel from the refrigeration and service components for improved organization.
  • Boasts a compact design that is easy to service and maintain.
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  • Tech Specs

    Brand Drytec
    Model SDE-US-35
    Dryer Capacity 35 CFM
    Recommended Pair with 7.5 HP
    Type Non-Cycling
    Max Pressure 230 PSI
    Max Temperature 140 F
    Power Electric
    Voltage 115V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
    Connection Size 1/2" NPT
    Integral Pre-Filter (X) Coalescing Water & 1 Micron Particulate
    Integral Post-Filter (Y) Coalescing Oil 0.01 PPM
    Dimensions 17 x 16 x 23 in
    Weight 77 lb
    Warranty 1 Year
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