CP Filter- 170 CFM 1"

CP Filter- 170 CFM 1"

$425.00 Regular Price
$306.00Sale Price
Chicago Pneumatic Filter
170 CFM
1" Diameter

G- Coalescing; 1 Micron, 8102844902
C- Coalescing; .01 Micron, 8102845164
S- Dust; 1 Micron, 8102845032
D- Dust; .01 Micron, 8102845297
V- Activated Carbon; 8102845420

Available without gauge

Standard Features:
Push-to-fit element installation
O-Ring seals
Max. operating pressure = 232 psi
1 Year warranty on filter housing
Low pressure drop
Float Drain Valve (Grade: G, C, & P)
Manual Drain Valve (Grade: V, S, & D)
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